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Why Strategy Matters: 6 Steps to Drive Growth & Build Trust

For a lot of you out there, strategy may come easy, it's second nature for you to put steps into practice that optimize growth for your organization. But I know there are others who don't day dream about systems and instead love the practical advice of a step by step solution! That's exactly what I want to offer you today! I want you to think of this system like an electric current- if all the connections are working properly you have an efficient working current that is producing electricity, however; if somewhere along the line there's a breakdown in connection our current stops dead, it produces nothing! This is exactly why strategy is key to production, each step begets the next and if there isn't a flow from one to the other, production halts! Let's dive deeper into these 6 simple, yet effective steps to get you seeing results immediately!

1. SEO, Search Engine Optimization

Where is everybody going to get information? You guessed it, Google! And, because this is one of the number one ways people are searching for information, we wanna make sure that your organization is showing up and standing up, to the numerous other search results. So how can we do this you ask? First and foremost, get your organization listed with Google! It's super easy and it's free! You can go here to start the process!

Once you're organization is verified then you want to set up your profile; upload real life pictures of the day to day of your organization, make sure all your contact info is there; address, phone, email, website and so on, and then finally REVIEWS!

Reviews are incredibly important to the click draw of your organization! People are looking for the positive feedback from other credible consumers, if there are none you may likely get scrolled on by. Once people have narrowed down their options their next step, leads us to our next step...


We want to make sure that once someone has found you and has made the decision to click your website link, that your page is going to help lead them to take the next practical steps of connection with you as the organization! Statistically we're seeing that even if people are finding your website, there is little to no follow through in getting these organic clickers contact information, like email, name or phone number.

Getting a hold of the contact info is the only way that we can make a genuine connection with these interested web surfers!

So how do we do that? One of the most effective ways to get contact info is through a free value offer! Lets say a consumer has found their way to your site and within 15-30 seconds a lightbox pops open on their screen and says something like, "I'm so glad you found me! Get access to my free ebook "Grace Under Fire" a story of my personal journey to choose grace." Then below is a "Get it Today" box that will gather their email address and direct it to you for that next step. This is only one example of a free value offer- maybe you're a business and you can offer a discount or free service, maybe you're a pastor and you have a podcast or blog that they can subscribe to, or maybe you're a church and your lightbox gives them the suggestion of "What to expect if you're new to Trinity, plan your visit here!". Another great way is to offer pre-registration for your children's services. The point is to ultimately get their contact information which will then lead us seamlessly to our next step...


Now you have their contact information, what are we going to do with it? I personally feel that if someone is going to trust you enough to give you their contact information, we need to not take advantage of their trust by spamming them with any and all event, discount, activity that's being rolled out of your organization. Depending on why they contacted you in the first place, should then be consistent with the type of followup you provide. If they signed up for that ebook- send the ebook along with a personal message that will give them deeper access to you and your organization. People want to feel connected, they don't want to get the feeling like they've just subscribed to an automated response generator (although it could be and there's nothing wrong with that) but it's the voice you're using- are you speaking conversationally with them, giving them a desire to respond back to you or better yet, SHOW UP! I want to speak directly to churches for a minute, if you've been blessed with the honour of a total stranger reaching out to you through your website, whether they're just asking a question, or maybe they're planning a visit, please followup with them quickly.

Respond with a genuine, excited email that expresses your anticipation of their visit or answer to their question, within 24hrs!

The purpose of this step is to make them feel connected- leave them with a warm, curious anticipation of walking through your door. On to the next step...


We have now gained enough trust and have provided enough value to get these strangers in our doors, but the whole point of this next step, and one of the most important I believe, is that when they leave they're no longer strangers but friends!

The way we make them feel while they're under our roof will determine whether they come back for that second, third and fourth visit!

A great first impression goes a long way and your visitor has made their first impression within the first 7 seconds of being in your space! I don't want this to feel like a huge pressure on you to do, say, and look perfect. Perfection is not what people are looking for, they want to feel welcome, they want to feel safe, they want to feel confident and they want to feel like they belong! There is a large spectrum of ways you can make a good first impression, they span from the look of your facility to the specific practices that you put in place to make people feel special. (Another blog for another day!) But my point and the takeaway from this step of our strategy, is that the genuine acts of connection taking place under your roof will assuredly determine the return or not of your visitor! We want them to come back that is the next step of our strategy...


This step in our system is where the personal growth occurs for our, new friends!

Your purpose now with these people is to educate them.

Clue them in to the different ways your organization can help them achieve their personal growth goals, but don't leave them high and dry be sure to journey with them. Remember our goal is to help them grow personally so that they can move onto their next step which is also the final step of our strategy...


When you have a happy person who is seeing change in their lives they wanna tell their friends! They want to share with the world how the steps they've made in their life, has resulted in this better version of themselves! And that is exactly what we want them to do!

Their excitement will fuel the desire of their friends, which will in turn result in them looking into your organization, and thus the cycle begins again!

If you've made it this far with me, awesome, thanks for reading!! Hopefully these 6 Practical Steps will help you bring a cohesive strategy to your organization! If you were reading through the steps and thinking to yourself, "Oh yeah, I do that already and yeah I do that- oh, but I don't do that..." remember strategy is like an electric current if there are any connections broken along the way your current is not producing electricity. We want to produce electricity - we want our system working optimally to drive growth and to build trust!

If you'd like more information on how you can amp up your digital image through branding, social marketing, Sunday services or event marketing - contact me, Kelly Mulaire Creative Designs for a free consultation!

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